Box Type Thin-oil Vibration Exciter




big vibration forcelight weightgood sealingfast heat dissipationno leakagedurable and reliablelong service life


rectilinear vibration, thin oil lubrication, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, high cost performance, high frequency and continuous operation


suitable for all kinds of vibration equipment


The exciter is a machine that produces vibration and can pass this vibration to the structural body and device.

Working Principle

The box type exciter is mainly composed of box, gear, driving shaft, eccentric block and so on.

When the motor drags the box-type vibration exciter through the transmission shaft, the driving shaft drives the driven shaft through gears, making the two shafts rotated in the opposite direction at equal speed, and driving the eccentric block to produce exciting force, which is transmitted to the vibration machine through the box body.

The exciting force of box type exciter is linear excitation force, so it is also called linear exciter.


Rotating Unbalanced Mass:

The center of mass is at a specific radius position , and the product of its centripetal acceleration is equal to the inertial centrifugal force.

Rated Excitation Force:

When the vibration time of the box exciter is rated, and the rotating unbalance mass is in the specified position, the excitation force is generated.

Static Torque:

Double the static moment is the working torque.

technical requirements


Structure Chart:

applicable industries

technical parameter chart

Model AEB406 AEB408 AEB608 AEB818
Rotating Speed


1000 830 830 830
Static Moment


min 1588 3886 9077 7069
max 4400 6700 5712 12400
Max. Excitation Force (kN) 395 319 362 395

(not include shield)

602 724 432 937





Size (mm)

A 300 300 360 360
A1 110 110 120 120
B 220 220 300 300
C φ26 φ26 φ33 φ33
D 27 27 32 32
E 685 685 740 770
F 970 970 1081 1101
G 280 280 370 370
H 659 659 803 927
I 517 517 558 575
J 295 295 320 335
K 330 330 360 380

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