Dewatering Screen




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low noise, easy maintenance, reasonable structure, high screening capacity and efficiency, good dewatering effect


usedin industrial sectors such as coal preparation, ore dressing, power generation and sugar making for material dry and wet screening, dewatering, de-medium and desliming


Vibration Motor Type Overview: This kind of dewatering vibrating screen has a reasonable structure, unique and original. It adopts vibration motor as the vibration source. Materials do throwing motion, achieving the goal of screening process. The machine is mainly used for small or tiny material classification, dewatering and coal slime recycle, especially suitable for coal slime dewatering before the plate and frame filter press system. Features:

  1. Advanced structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, adopt new type of vibration motor as the direct drive.
  2. Screen has a simple structure, easymaintenance. Screen adopts high strength metal woven mesh, durable service, or uses polyurethane screen mesh.
  3. It has seat type and hanging typefor choice.

Conditions of Usage:

  1. Vibration acceleration is less than20g (gravitational acceleration g=9.8m/s)
  2. The environment temperature does not exceed 40℃(If more than 40℃, shall reduce power to use)
  3. If the altitudeis no more than 1000 meters, over 1000 meters but not more than 4000 meters, every 100 meters higher, its temperature rise limit should be reduced 0.5℃.
  4. The operatingenvironment should be no conductive dust, inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas.

Vibration Excite Type Overview: ATE series dewatering vibrating screen is a kind of coal slime separation dewatering screen which is used in coal preparation plant for high efficiency fine coal dewatering. The movement track is straight line, which can be used in coal preparation, ore dressing, power generation, sugar making, salt making and other industrial sectors, for medium and fine grained materials wet and dry screening, dewatering, medium removal and desliming. Main Features:

  1. Low noise, easy maintenance.
  2. Reasonable structure, strong and durable.
  3. Good dewatering effect, safe and reliable.
  4. High screening capacity andefficiency.

Working Principle

Dewatering vibrating screen adopts double electrodes self-synchronization technology, universal eccentric block and vibrator with adjustable amplitude. It is mainly composed of screen box, vibration exciter, supporting system and motor. It drives two non-contact vibrators to do synchronous reverse running respectively through the tape coupling. The centrifugal force which is produced by two sets of eccentric mass superimpose along the vibration direction of component force. Reversed centrifugal force counteract, forming a single vibration exciting force along the direction of vibration, so as to make the screen box do reciprocating linear motion.


User Purchase Tips: The screen structure (weaving, punching, wedge-bar), mesh size, processing capacity, material name and feeding particle size should be indicated in the selection and ordering by the user. Ordering Instruction:

  1. When selecting and ordering, the user should determine the arrangement of the sieve and screen seam size. If they do not make a decision, we supply the machine according to the right-type screen seam 0.5mm arrangement. (The motor is installedonthe left or right side of the material flow direction.)
  2. The dip angle of the screen surface can be adjusted from -2 to 10 degrees. Other angles can be adjusted by the user.

When forced synchronization is adopted, the motor can be installed on the left or right. User must state when ordering.

technical requirements


applicable industries

technical parameter chart

Model Screen Surface Area (m2) Mesh Size (mm) Screen Mesh Structure Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Vibration Frequency (min-1) Double Vibration Amplitude (mm) Power (kw) Vibrating Direction Angle (°) Overall Size (mm)
ATE-926 2.34 0.25-50 Stainless steel woven mesh   Perforated plate   Stainless steel seam welded mesh ≤150 1.5-100 960 6-10 2*1.5 45 2740*1340*1520
ATE-1030 3 2-120 8-10 2*2.2 3140*1440*1680
ATE-1230 3.6 3-180 8-10 2*2.2 3140*1640*1680
ATE-1540 6 5-250 8-12 2*3.0 4140*1940*1790

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