Gyratory Screener




unique reciprocating gyratory movementlarge capacityhigh efficiencyhigh precisionnot easy to produce static electricitylong service life of screen


easy compensating clamps, automatic screen tension device, ball cleaning system, double balanced motor system, seat and suspension type


for particle classification from 12mm to 40μm, e.g. sugar, salt, tea, fertilizer, silica sand etc.


1.Seat Installation:

as the driving system of this machine has a balance function, outward transmitting force is smaller, it can be installed directly on the ground, or steel structure frame or platform that allow vibration.

Forward Type

Direct Discharge Type

2.Cable Suspension Installation:

The sieving machine can be hoisted by cables from the four corners of the machine to insulate the

balance force of the sieving machine from the surrounding structure.

The screening machine can be suspended in the existing overhead structure that can support the suspension cable unit, and can also be mounted on the suspension cable bracket on the floor.

Suspension Type


Working Principle

This type of screening machine has a unique reciprocating rotary motion.

The motor drives eccentric handle to power the screening device, making the screen surface to do reciprocating rotary movement. The raw materials to be screened can be spreaded quickly in the surface of the screen under the requirement of speed, transferring towards the discharge end.

The small particles pass through the screen mesh and the large particles stay on the surface of the screen and are gradually transferred to the material discharge end.

1.particles at the feed end is gyratory movement. This kind of movement can quickly complete materials spreading, layering, separatingand movingforward in the whole screen width.

2.particles in the middle of the machine transform into elliptical movement, which can improve the material handling capacity and the screening effect of near-size particles.

3.particles atthe discharge end is straight line movement. This kind of movement has no particles jump vertically, which ensures that materials are close to the screen and move forward.



  1. super large capacity, suitable for industrial continuous screening
  2. high screening accuracy
  3. the effect of anti-clogging mesh is good. It is especially suitable for the screening of materials which are easy plugging and sticking the screen mesh
  4. the service life of screen is long. It is 5~100 times than the ordinary vibrating screen
  5. the machine runs softly and does not damage the particles original structure of the material
  6. three types of screen tensioning spring clips and screen side pull mode. Easy to remove and replace the screen
  7. it is not easy to generate static electricity, especially suitable for the screening of materials those are flammable and explosive, and easy to generate static electricity
  8. smooth operation, no special requirement for installation workshop
  9. totally enclosed structure, no dust, low noise to 70 decibels

technical requirements


unique reciprocating rotary motion

automatic screen surface tension device

ball cleaning system, double balanced motor system

convenient and quick head cover locking clip

applicable industries

Abrasive: glass beads, slag, alumina, sand and other abrasive materials

Animal feed: feed powder and chips, meat paste and small food

Carbon products: coking coal, graphite, charcoal etc.

Chemical products: hundreds of different compounds

Clay: product classification

Fertilizer: raw material sieving and finished product fine screening.

Including ammonium nitrate, phosphate, potassium hydroxide, urea and other compounds

Food: sugar, flour, milk powder, coffee, cereals, rice, nuts, condiments, cocoa powder, glucose, starch etc.

Grain cleaning: corn, wheat, soybean and other cereals peeling and cleaning

Ore: ore, rubble, limestone, soda ash and salt

Paper: paper pulp, coating

Fiberboard: wood chips, flaking, bits of wood, to make high quality fiberboard

Drug: many large drug manufacturers use AAREAL screening machines, which meet the health standard design, to achieve precise and effective separation and cleaning

Plastic: plastic particles, plastic powder

Powder metal: aluminum, copper, iron, nickel, steel, zinc and many other metal powders

Recycling of resources: used in the recycling of various materials, such as PET recycling etc.

Steelmaking: classification of steel shot and metal filing

technical parameter chart

Layers Model Screen Surface Specification (W*L) (mm) Screen Box Stroke (mm) Motor A










Power(kw) Rotation Rate (rpm)
1 AD1000*1400 1000*1400 63.5 1.5 960 2731 962 1168 1200 715
AD1000*2100 1000*2100 63.5 1.5 960 3285 962 1156 1200 980
AD1000*3000 1000*3000 63.5 1.5 960 4484 1035 1194 1251 1200
AD1500*2100 1500*2100 63.5 1.5 960 3460 1003 1708 1759 1380
AD1500*3000 1500*3000 76 2.2 960 4232 1362 1778 1892 1340
AD1500*3600 1500*3600 76 5.5 960 5098 1352 1956 2048 2410
2 2AD1200*3600 1200*3600 76 5.5 960 5263 1327 2464 2556 2020
2AD1000*2100 1000*2100 63.5 1.5 960 3743 1121 1308 1378 1400
2AD1000*3000 1000*3000 76 4 960 4575 1317 1270 1546 1840
2AD1500*2100 1500*2100 63.5 4 960 3728 1330 1781 1946 1710
2AD1800*3600 1800*3600 76 7.5 960 5305 1500 2256 2459 3880
2AD1500*3000 1500*3000 76 7.5 960 4765 1397 1956 2159 2780
2AD1500*3600 1500*3600 76 7.5 960 5365 1368 2032 2019 3180



3AD1000*2100 1000*2100 63.5 5.5 960 4854 1422 1435 1549 2150
3AD1500*3000 1500*3000 76 5.5 960 4765 1391 1956 2159 3200
3AD1800*3600 1800*3600 76 7.5 960 5200 1500 2400 2500 4170
3AD2000*5000 2000*5000 92 11 960 5400 2000 2750 2810 5500

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