Gyratory Separator




large capacityhigh efficiencyhigh precisionunique total cyclotron elliptical motioneasy screen replacement


elliptical movement makes better use of screen, duplex screening is available, ball cleaning system


e.g. activated carbon, chemical fertilizer, frac sand, limestone, petroleum coke, plastic particle, PVC powder, salt, sugar etc.


Simple pursuit of sieving accuracy will be at the expense of yield, while the pursuit of large yield will decrease the accuracy.

The gyratory screener is a kind of high precision and large yield efficient screening equipment which is specially designed for the above problem. With the characteristics of low failure rate, low downtime rate, low cost, and high output, high precision, high highly efficiency, it is the classic model of our company.

This machine has the screen sides tensioning device and the ball cleaning system, which provide the maximum horizontal amplitude, making the qualified product screening rate reach the highest. In addition, it has a huge screening capacity.

The screening machine can be equipped with one to five layers of screen, which can complete the sieving from 12 mesh to 325 mesh. It can be designed as duplex screening to make it more productive. The design is compact and energy efficient.

Working Principle

The drive is installed in the lower part of the sieve machine, which is driven by the motor through the triangle belt, making the screen box generate vibration. In the case of almost no vertical vibration and jump, the special gyratory motion can make the material enter from the top of one end of the equipment and quickly disperse in the screen surface. Affected by the thrust of the screen surface, the material flows rapidly toward the discharge end. The small particles go through the screen and the big particles stay on the mesh surface, thereby complete the screening operation.

AF series gyratory screener drives the screen box to do circular motion through the kinetic energy generated by the high speed rotating exciter. And it utilizes the slightly inclined screen surface to make the material move on the screen surface and quickly go through the mesh, achieving a high screening efficiency and a high yield.

It is also equipped with fast tensioning and automatic cleaning screen installation system to achieve the ideal screening effect. The fully enclosed structure conforms to the environmental protection requirements. And there are few vertical impact loads on the ground based on the specific movement methods, which makes the AF series gyratory screener have a broader market application environment.


1. the unique reciprocating motion makes the whole screen surface have the equivalent screening efficiency, which can realize the large yield and high precision screening.

2. quick-open type hinged door and rapid screen mesh tension system ensure quick replacement and inspection of screen mesh.

3. the unique suspension system makes the whole machine run smoothly. The sieving machine itself is less destructive. The basic dynamic load is low and the equipment does not need to be fixed.

4. vibration exciter is maintenance-free within 2 years. Adopt high quality lubricating grease, high quality sealing ring and high quality sealing bearing.

5. the dynamic balance drive increases the exciter’s rotation speed from 150~180 RPM to 300 RPM.

6. the high speed rotation of the exciter improves the acceleration value of the elastic ball, so that the elastic ball impacts screen surface more powerfully. The screen mesh is not easy to plug, prolonging the service life of the screen, reducing the downtime, and ensuring the continuity of screening.

7. fully enclosed structure and dust-free.

8. the movement of the screen machine, the screen mesh protection support design, and the effective cleaning of the elastic ball make the screen service life long.

9. soft running and low noise.

10. larger capacity. Duplex screening is available.

11. forward stretch material discharging, easy to collect.

technical requirements

The AF series gyratory screener shall be used according to the following technical requirements:

1. In order to reduce the impact of the material on the screen, it is required that the distance between the material and the receiving end is no more than 40cm or add a buffer plate.

2. The dust removal port, feed port and discharge port all adopt soft connection. It can not be rigidly fixed to the screen body. And the gap between the sieve machine and the surrounding material shall not be less than 300mm.

3. Make sure the vibration exciter protection cover is closed and then start the screening machine.


The machine mainly consists of screen box, screen mesh, driving device, screen frame and suspension rod.

  1. lifting ear
  2. feed inlet
  3. screen cover
  4. distributing device
  5. upper screen
  6. the board holding the bouncing ball
  7. tension screen mesh
  8.  screw hole to fix ball plate
  9.  rear door and buckle
  10. top thread
  11. lower screen
  12. screening machine
  13. hanging bracket
  14. cardan joint
  15. lower discharge port
  16. upper discharge port
  17. discharge portlifting ear
  18. dust removal port
  19. screen pulling plate
  20. screen tightened wire
  21. screen installation top thread
  22.  screen
  23.  ball plate components
  24. triangular belt
  25.  motor
  26.  middle screen
  27. vibration exciter
  28. balance weight
  • The bouncing ball can prevent the blocking of screen mesh

The small bouncing balls which are limited under each screen remove the particles that stick to the screen by directly hitting the screen surface.These small elastic balls can keep the screen surface clean all the time, and the vibration helps to separate the material and separate the particles those stick together.


  • Screen Mesh

It is easy to disassemble by using the quick sides tension system. Woven mesh, rubber screen mesh or perforated plate can be used as required. Screen mesh is the main quick-wear part.

  • Drive and Suspension Setting

The driving part of the gyratory screener is located in the middle of the lower part of the sieving machine, which can be taken out for maintenance through the detection door.

The machine suspension rod contains universal joint bearing, and maintenance free and torque resistance middle buffer section.


  • Wearing Parts:

Screen is the main wearing part. People can use woven mesh according the the need. It has single layer and multilayer.

Other wearing parts such as the universal joint for suspension setting, triangular belt, rubber ball for cleaning screen, sealing rubber strip, there should be spare parts.

applicable industries

AF series high efficiency gyratory screener is a new type of high standard and large capacity screening equipment. It is widely used in chemical, metallurgical, abrasive, mining, quarrying, clay, glass, building materials, medicine, food processing, grain, plastics and other industries of fine classification.

It can be used for the most stringent or demanding screening requirements of activated carbon, fertilizer, frac sand, limestone, petroleum coke, plastic particles, polyvinyl chloride powder, salt, sugar etc.

technical parameter chart

Model Coding:

Technical Parameter Chart:

Model Screen Surface Specifications Power


Amplitude (mm) Operating Frequency (r/min) Leaning Angle of Screen (°)

L*W*H (mm)


AF515 500*1500  


20~60 180~300 4~8 2900*1150*1500
AF520 500*2000 2900*1150*1900
AF525 500*2500 3400*1150*1900
AF1025 1000*2500  


AF1030 1000*3000 3900*1700*1950
AF1036 1000*3600 4500*1700*1950
AF1530 1500*3000 5.5 3900*2200*1950
AF1536 1500*3600 4500*2200*1950
AF1830 1800*3000 7.5 3900*2500*1950
AF1836 1800*3600 4500*2500*1950
AF2030 2000*3000 7.5 3900*2700*1950
AF2036 2000*3600 4500*2700*1950


All specifications of AF series screening machine can be equipped with one to five layers screen mesh. Under special circumstances, it can be equipped with ten layer screen mesh.


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