How to solve the slow discharging problems of round sieve?

14 Apr 18

Do you have slow discharging problems of round sieve?

Many users of vibro sifter have encountered the problem of slow removal of impurity for the oversize product during use. The rotary vibrating sieve is the most common used series of light screening products. The round sieve can be used for effective screening, impurity removal, grading of powders, small particles and liquid materials. Then how to solve the slow discharging problems of round sieve effectively?

discharging problems of round sieve

1. If the round separator is new, and the slow discharging problems of round sieve occurs at the beginning of use, checking whether the screen and the outlet of the vibratory separator are horizontal or higher than the outlet. In general, the screen should be designed to be 0.5 cm higher than the outlet. According to the production needs, AAREAL can design different outlet height for the gyro screen.

2. Check whether the round vibrating sifter is in a horizontal state when it is working. If the whole equipment is not on the horizontal plane, it will lead to the slow discharging problems of round sieve, which will affect the screening efficiency.

3. If there are no above two problems for the round sieve, we can adjust the upper and lower eccentricity of the vibrating motor to change the speed of the material moving on the screen surface. The smaller the eccentric block angle, the faster the material will spread out; the larger the angle, the slower the material will spread out. The angle of eccentric block of vibration motor should be kept ≥ 5 ° every time. If you have a high requirement for screening accuracy of the round sieve machine, in order to ensure the screening angle, please do not adjust the eccentric block angle too low. And the general adjustment at 45 degrees is more appropriate.

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