Rotary Screen




long service life of screentilted drum screen surfacehigh screening efficiencylarge productionself-cleaning device


small size, low cost, low energy consumption, easy installation and maintenance, good adaptability to materials


commonly used for grading of refractory materials, coal, chemical fertilizer, sand field stone, and screening of coal, coke, lime, gravel mine and other clammy materials


Rotary screen is a kind of screening equipment for grading according to the particle size of the material. It is also called drum screening machine. Due to the simple process layout, it is widely used in the classification of mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries. It is commonly used in the classification of medium and fine grain materials to improve the quality.

Our company can customize various types of specifications efficient rotary screen according to the user’s different practical situation.

Working Principle

The rotary screen is made up of motor, reducer, drum device, rack, seal cover, inlet and outlet. The machine is inclined to be mounted on the rack. The motor via reducer is connected with drum device through the coupling, driving the drum device rotate around its axis.

When materials enter into the drum device, because of the inclination and rotation of the drum device, the materials on the screen surface flip and roll, making the qualified material (undersize product) discharge from the outlet at the bottom of the drum, and unqualified material (oversize product) discharge through the outlet at the end of the drum. Due to the material flipping and rolling inside the drum, the material that is stuck in the middle of the sieve can be ejected, so as to prevent the screen mesh from being blocked.

Material Running State in the Rotary Screen


  1. Small power and low energy consumption. There is self-cleaning device in the drum. The mesh is not easily blocked.
  2. Small occupation space, low investment cost, stable and reliable operation, high screening efficiency and large output.
  3. Simple process layout, convenient installation and maintenance, easy operation.
  4. Have strong adaptability to materials. Material that is sticky, with high humidity, dirty and miscellaneous can be screened.
  5. The feeding mode is diverse: manual and mechanical transmission. It can produce in large quantities.
  6. The center screen adopts annular flat steel ring design. With good wear resistance, long service life, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

technical requirements


  1. driving device2. coarse material discharge opening3. seal cover  4. drum body
    5. undersize material discharge opening   6. retaining plate   7. feed inlet   8. bracket

applicable industries

The rotary screen is mainly used for grading according to the material particle size. It is widely used in electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other production industries. And it is commonly used for grading of refractory materials, coal, chemical fertilizer, sand field stone, and for screening of coal, coke, lime, gravel mine and other clammy materials, making the product structure more even and orderly, so as to meet the needs of production.

technical parameter chart

Model Capacity


Screen Drum Diameter (mm) Length


Motor Power (KW)
AGTS06 5-10 ¢600 1000 1.5
AGTS08 8-15 ¢800 1200 2.2
AGTS010 15-30 ¢1000 1500 3
AGTS12 20-50 ¢1200 1800 5.5
AGTS15 40-80 ¢1500 2000 7.5
AGTS18 80-150 ¢1800 2000 11
AGTS20 130-200 ¢2000 2500 11

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