What is the use of vibrating screen in the industrial production?

21 Mar 18

What can the vibrating screen machine do? What is the use of vibrating screen? Let’s learn more about the sieving shaker of AAREAL screening equipment. Now follow me.

What on earth the purpose of vibrating sieve? As the name suggests, the screening machine is mainly used for particle size grading. It has mesh screen. Just like we sift the flour. The difference is that AAREAL sieving separation equipment can be used for industrial screening requirement.

use of vibrating screen

In simple terms, the application of vibrating screen is as follows.

  1. Size Checking:

Our test sieve and lab sieve shaker can help user do the particle size checking in laboratory and scientific research departments. e.g. AAREAL AT-200 lab sieve shaker, AT-400 test sieve shaker, AT-200tap Ro-Tap sieve shaker etc.


  1. Grading:

AAREAL separator and screener can realize the material particle grading in the industrial production. e.g. AAREAL AY rotary vibrating screen, AX flow-thru flour separator, AM tumbler screening machine, AD rotex screen seperator, AF gyratory minerals separator, AYGO powerful screener, AL airflow centrifugal sifter, AZ linear vibrating screen, AGTS rotary trommel screen etc. For material that are easy to cluster, easy to produce static electricity, we have ultrasonic system to help screening and separating. Grading is the most common use of vibrating screen.


  1. De-dusting:

When people want to remove the dust from the product, they can choose our sieving machine. e.g. AAREAL AY vibro sifter, AX vibration in-line screen etc.


  1. Impurity-removal:

If the product contains impurity, and the size of both are quite different with each other, then our separator can do. e.g. AZ rectangular vibrating screen, AY circular vibrating screen etc.


  1. De-watering:

People can use our ATE dehydration screening machine for dewatering purpose. Sometimes, a simple structure vibrating separator can also be used for dehydration. Such as AZ rectangular sifter, AY round screener etc.


  1. Cleaning& Washing:

For dirty materials, people can clean or wash it while screening. This is AAREAL’s Wet Screening. A screen machine with the spray system or sprinkler can do that.


  1. Filtering:

As the name suggests, our sieving machine can separate solid from liquid. e.g. AAREAL AY filter sieve machine etc.


  1. Cooling:

Through a certain time and distance vibration of the vibrating equipment, we can realize the cooling of the material. It is easy to do it by AAREAL vibrating sieve, vibrating conveyor, vertical vibration screw feeder and other relative equipments.


  1. Lump Breaking:

AAREAL’s vibratory equipments manage to break the lump by a certain vibrational power.


  1. Made-to-order:

If you have special screening requirement for different use of vibrating screen from the description mentioned above, welcome to send inquiry. We can customize the sieving separating machine for you.


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