450 Type Vibrating Filter Sieve


This series of products, also known as Low Noise Screen Filter, is a kind of small vibrating screen filter which is easy to move, high efficiency, low noise and small volume. 


Product Advantages:

(1) High screening accuracy and high efficiency, can be used in any powder, granule or mucus.

(2) Fully enclosed structure, the powder is not flying, the mesh is not blocked, and sieving powder can reach 400 mesh.

(3) Small volume, low noise, easy to move, the discharge port can be arranged along the circumferential direction.

(4) The machine is equipped with mesh anti-blocking device, which can effectively eliminate the blockage of the mesh.

(5) There are no special requirements for the equipment foundation, and the general cement floor can be used directly.

(6) It is easy to replace the screen, easy to operate and easy to clean.

(7) The mixed materials enter from the center. After sieving, the materials of various particle sizes are automatically and continuously discharged from the respective outlets, which can realize continuous production.

Structural Features:

(1) The upper screen frame can be easily removed, and it is very convenient to pour off impurities that do not pass through the screen.

(2) The material is directly discharged. There is no dead angle in the screen machine, and no secondary pollution is generated.

(3) It is convenient to remove and change the screen by using the internal V-type screen pressing way.

(4) A nylon brake wheel can be added for easy movement.

(5) A waterproof cover is added to prevent electricity from water.

Working Principle

The 450 type vibrating filter sieve adopts a new type of vertical vibration motor as the vibration source. The upper and lower ends of the vertical vibration motor are equipped with eccentric weights, which can generate horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion. The exciting force is transmitted to the screen frame and materials through the receiving pan to achieve an excellent grade. By adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower eccentric weight hammer, the movement track of the material on the screen surface can be changed to ensure the full grading of the material.

Structural Composition:

  The 450 type filter machine consists of the body, vibrating motor, hopper, screen frame, electronic control unit etc. The machine adopts a new type of vibration structure with stable vibration and high efficiency. The screen frame is easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to replace the screen. This machine has the advantages of novel appearance, reasonable structure and easy to operate, and is more suitable for occasions where the working place is frequently changed.

Technical Parameters

Item Diameter Power Noise Dimensions Voltage Amplitude
Data 450mm 0.25 KW ≤50dB 460*550*665mm 380V, 220V 2~5mm

Screen Replacement:

First remove the screen frame from the receiving pan, loosen the bolts, remove the screen that needs to be replaced, and then spread the new screen on the screen frame, and put the screen holder, and draw it around (avoid being too tight), leave a centimeter along the mesh ring, put on the bolts and tighten, and finally cut off the excess screen.


It is especially suitable for powder screening and slurry filtration with less impurity content. The 325 mesh screen filter paint with a specific gravity of 1.1 can reach 1200 liters per hour, and the 30 mesh screen can handle 700 kilograms per hour flour. It has an excellent filtration performance for ceramic uranium material.


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