Bag Tipping And Screening Station


Bag tipping and screening station is also named bag tipping stations, bag dumping station, bag dump station, bag dumping platform or sacks tipping stations are often an indispensable process step for manufacturers to open and discharge bags of powder inside a process. Indeed, many ingredients are still delivered in 25 and 50 kg sacks all over the industry:

Cements, mortars

Grains, flours


Plastic pellets

The dust-free feeding and sieving station consists of feeding platform, discharge bucket, dust removal system and vibrating sieve etc.



1. Dust removal function. Prevent material producing dust when unpacking and feeding, reducing material and energy consumption.

2. The equipment adopts intelligent control. Efficient automation, simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

3. The interior has no dead angle design. Easy to remove and clean, and with little maintenance.

4. Minimize the loss of products. reverse blowing principle to achieve the reuse of materials. The principle of reverse blow is used to realize the reuse of material.

5. It is applicable to systems from simple to complete integration, transfering materials through a vacuum conveyor system.

6. It can be used in combination with vibrating screen, iron separator and other modules. Complete waterproof design for easy cleaning.

Working Principle

  Due to the action of the dust collection fan during unpacking , the material dust can be prevented from flying everywhere. When the material is unpacked and poured into the next procedure, it is only necessary to manually unpack the material and put it into the system.

  Through vibrating screen (safety screening machine, low-profile vibrating sieve), the bulk materials and foreign objects can be intercepted to ensure the discharge of the required particles.

Technical Parameters

Power (Dual-Motor)
Screen Diameter
Bag Tipping And Screening Station Bag Tipping And Screening Station


  Bag Tipping And Screening Platform is suitable for the unpacking, feeding, screening and unloading of small bag of materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, battery materials and other industries.

  This kind of feeding and screening system is also applicable to the feeding process of sterile bulk drug substance. The whole feeding process can effectively protect the operator and the external environment, which is in line with the requirements of GMP and FDA production.

Sanitary Bag Dump Sieve Station with Integral Dust Collector:

  The sanitary bag dump with integral dust collector reduces worker exposure to nuisance dust. The bag dump dust collection system is designed to work exclusively with the bag dumper, a proven system used to screen material at bag unloading stations. The bag dump dust collection system improves particulate containment by providing substantial vacuum below the bag dump screen rather than above. This pulls dust down and away from the operator, greatly improving airborne particulate flow into the collection system’s filters.

  Clients usually use our low-profile vibrating sieve to scalp large pieces and bag parts from bags of ingredients that go into dry and wet mixes. This new product incorporates a shelf and grate to open and unload the bag as well as an integrated dust removal system with a self-cleaning blower and cartridge filters. Additionally, a magnet can be added to remove tramp metal.


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