Balanced Vibrating Conveyor


    AAREAL company specializes in producing eccentric connecting rod long distance vibration conveyor balanced screen. This equipment can be used as a conveyor, but also with 1~2 layers of screens made of vibrating screen.

    The conveying equipment is suitable for electric power, coal, metallurgy, building materials, food and other industries to complete the transportation of powder and granular materials, especially for materials that are not suitable for conveying by belt or screw conveyors, transported uniformly, continuously or quantitatively from the storage bin to the receiving device, such as wet sugar, potato chips, biscuits and other fragile items, fly ash, cement, charcoal powder, coal powder, emery materials that are prone to dust or high abrasiveness.


1. Simple and compact structure, small maintenance workload.

2. It can realize closed conveying, no pollution to the environment, realizing multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging.

3. Resonance principle. The installation foundation is used as the mass point, low power consumption, and the power consumption is 50% less than the screw conveyor of the same capacity.

4. The material jumps forward in the trough. The trough is slightly worn, and the service life is three times longer than that of the screw conveyor.

5. Running noise is not more than 75dB.

6. It can be started frequently or run continuously for a long time under rated amplitude conditions.

Working Principle

    The elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor is composed of conveying trough, vibration exciter, transmission mechanism, supporting parts and shock absorption system etc. The exciter generates periodic vibration power driven by the motor, which is transmitted to the conveying trough through the transmission mechanism. The conveying trough generates periodic linear vibration driven by the excitation source according to the same vibration frequency of the excitation source. At the same time, the direction of the vibration force and the conveying direction of the conveying trough form a certain throwing angle, and the materials in the trough continuously jump forward along the conveying surface of the trough body under the action of the forced vibration force.

    The trough body of the elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor vibrates at a certain vibration frequency and vibration amplitude. This vibration accelerates the bulk material in the direction of vibration. When the vertical acceleration component of the material particles reaches -g, that is, they leave the trough body and move forward along the parabolic trajectory, the intermittent micro-jumping motion of the material belongs to a periodic jumping process, and the jumping frequency of the material is consistent with the vibration frequency of the conveying trough. Therefore, the conveying efficiency of the vibrating conveyor is related to the vibration frequency, vibration amplitude, vibration angle and the characteristics of the material itself.

Technical Parameters

According to the structure type and performance characteristics, the elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor can be divided into three types: fully balanced type, double-mass resonance type and single-mass simple type.

Model Trough Width (mm) Power (KW)
ABM450 450 1.5x1
ABM600 600 2.2x1
ABM750 750 2.2x1
ABM900 900 3.7x1
ABM1200 1200 2.2x2
ABM1500 1500 3.7x2
ABM1800 1800 7.5x2


AAREAL eccentric connecting rod long distance vibration conveyor screen can be widely used for screening sugar, salt, chemical fertilizer, activated carbon, resin particles, polyethylene particles, HDPE powder, LDPE powder, condiments etc. Take our ABM1800-11 for an example. The trough width is 1800mm, and trough length is 11.5 meters. Conveying and screening sugar, the capacity is about 30~50 tons/hour.


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