Magnetic Suspension Sieve Shaker


Magnetic suspension sieve shaker is also called magnetic suspension test screen, magnetic suspension test sieve, magnetic suspension standard screen, magnetic suspension standard sieve, magnetic suspension standard shaker, magnetic suspension standard vibrating screen, maglev standard vibrating screen machine, double force test screen, double force test sieve, screen shaker, sieve shaker etc.

  This test sieve shaker is a new type of vibration screening equipment which integrates mechanical physical movement and high-frequency electromagnetic vibration these two kinds of physical vibration. The working parameters are in line with the national industry standards, matching with the test sieve and sample sieve to use. It is used for chemical industry, metallurgy, abrasive, food, medicine and other industries of screening, testing and production.


1. Strong stability.

Adopt the driving mode that gear drives "synchronous belt", with accurate transmission and good consistency. The speed ratio is accurate, without speed down and belt slip phenomenon. The device is equipped with a digital display timer. It will be automatically shut down when the time is set.

2. Low maintenance cost.

Due to the use of "synchronous belt" connection between the two gears, the gear will not wear, with a long service life. ( only need to replace the "synchronous belt") The eccentric wheel adopts the integral way. The installation is easy and accurate. And the bearing used in the transmission part adopts the standard part, which is not easy to wear. With a low cost and easy replacement.

3. High screening efficiency.

The screening method has 3 kinds of movement: round-trip, swing and vibration. It won’t block the screen mesh. The material speed is fast and the sieving is thorough.

4. Small size, clean, easy to operate.

Each function can be operated separately on the operating panel. The timing controller can adjust the working time at any time. The design is novel, the structure is more reasonable and scientific, the appearance is beautiful, and the noise is low.

Working Principle

  Magnetic suspension sieve shaker takes the electromagnetism and vibration starting device as the vibration source. After power up, the electromagnetic device forms a magnetic field, and the vibration starting device is suspended in the middle of the magnetic field, forming the up and down high-frequency vibration. And then through the bottom tray, the vibration is transmitted to a set of sieves from coarse to fine which are placed on the tray, making materials in the test sieve and sample sieve do up and down, left and right round-trip vibration and movement. So that only the same particle size of materials are left in each layer of the test sieve and sample sieve, achieving the separation of different grains.

   It is a kind of vibrating screen which combines various vibration functions. The up and down vibration, back and forth reciprocating movement, left and right swinging make material inside do reciprocating motion. No material will remain in the mesh. It can be sieved to 5 microns. This screening machine is a new high-tech product, filling the industry blank at home and abroad.

1. The up and down high frequency vibration plus left and right swing and back and forth movement can be used at the same time.

2. The back and forth movement plus left and right swing can be used alone.

3. The up and down high frequency vibration can be used alone.

4. The screening efficiency is high and can be sieving to 5um.

Technical Parameters

NO. Name Data
1 Screen Diameter Φ200mm, Φ100mm, Φ75mm
2 Layer 1~8 layers
3 Shaking Times 290 times/min
4 Round-trip Distance 25mm
5 Round-trip Times 290 times/min
6 Vibration Times 3000 times/min
7 Amplitude 0~3mm
8 Motor Power 0.18KW
Rotating Speed 1400 R/min
9 Dimension 730mm*500mm*860mm
10 Weight 90KG
Note: All the technical data and size of our products are based on physical object.


  Magnetic suspension sieve shaker is widely used in mining, exploration, geology, chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, biological, abrasive, food, tea, school, ceramics, national defense and other industries. Applicable materials: fine particles, metal powder, toner, chemical powder, food powder, pharmaceutical powder, diamond powder, building materials, dyes, ceramics, rubber, paper, dry and wet powder and other materials.


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