Several Factors Affecting The Price of Rotary Vibrating Screen

In the process of communicating with customers, I often encounter customers who only give diameter of the rotary vibrating screen and want to get the quotation. Moreover, the target price given by such customers is generally very low. In fact, the appearance of similar rotary vibrating screens, different configurations, prices will vary greatly. So, what are the factors that affect the price of the rotary vibrating screen?  

1. Vibrating Body:

Vibrating Body

Left Vibrating Body: welded vibrating body

Right Vibrating Body: vibrating body formed by pressing


2. Vibrating Body Structure:

Vibrating BodyVibrating body structure

Left: vibrating body + bottom frame

Right: the vibrating body and the bottom frame are integrated into one, save steel material and cheaper


3. Bottom Frame:

Left: cone bottom frame, common used

Right: inclined bottom, generally used for fast discharge design


4. Gate Design:

According to the customer’s screening requirements, we can configure different gates for on-demand discharge.

Left: hand gate

Right: pneumatic gate


5. Screen Frame:

There are many kinds of screen frames, such as adhesive type screen frame, L type screen frame, flange type screen frame, single-screen double-hoop type screen frame etc. Even for L type screen frames, there are still 2 kinds: hollow and solid.

Left: solid type, sturdy and durable

Right: hollow type, cheaper


6. Material:

Some suppliers may secretly use stainless steel 201 instead of 304 in order to reduce costs. AAREAL use real stainless steel 304 material.


7. Motor:

We use copper core motor. But some other suppliers may use copper clad aluminum motor. Besides, according to customer requirements, the client can choose different motor types to adjust the Motor Angle.

Vibration Motor (Vertical Installation)No-tools Force Wheel

Left: common vibrating motor, vertical installation

Right: no-tools force wheel. People can adjust the motor angle without using the screws


8. Surface Treatment:

There are two ways of polishing: stainless steel wire drawing and mirror polish.

Bottom Frame

Left: stainless steel wire drawing, matte finish

Right: mirror polish


Of course, there are many other factors that will affect the price of rotary vibrating screen, such as: surface treatment, welding quality and so on. AAREAL is committed to doing a good job on every screen machine, and provide customers with transparent configuration and preferential prices. Welcome new and old customers to buy at ease.

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