Stainless Steel Gyratory Screen Sifter for Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

stainless steel gyratory screen

Coconut shell activated carbon gravity is very light, the screening effect with the use of conventional vibrating screen is very poor. If you are not satisfied with the screening effect when screening coconut shell activated carbon, you can consider our Rotex type gyratory screen sifter.

    We make 2 kinds of AD model gyratory screen sifter: Graphite Slider type and Double Hanging type. For large size, we use double hanging type. The double hanging type has a great advantage in improving the speed and capacity, for example, 1500*3600mm, 1800*3600mm, 2000*5000mm etc. The Max. size we can do until now is screen surface size 2000*5000mm. Some clients from the activated carbon factory may need a small size, we can make 500*1500mm, 500*2000mm, 1000*2100mm, 1000*3000mm and other smaller sizes.

    AAREAL Rotex type gyratory sifter does gyratory reciprocating motion, to be specific, the material at the feeding end present circular motion, and change to elliptical motion at the middle, and then straight linear motion at the discharge end. This special running track is suitable for high-precision screening operations.

    Our AD model gyratory screener is suitable for screening activated carbon, chemical fertilizer, urea, calcium carbonate, silica sand, frac sand, petroleum coke, graphite particles etc. Welcome to visit our website and send inquiry if you need screening equipments.

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