Static Gravitational Inertial Air Classifier


Connected to a dust collector outside, the ARC static gravitational inertial air classifier uses air flow, gravity and air direction changes to achieve fine powder removal from 50 mesh to 200 mesh materials.


1. Do not control the powder content of the finished product through the screens. With large production capacity;

2. No extra power required;

3. Simple structure, and no transmission parts within the range of material flow;

4. The main material contact parts are few, small wear, and low maintenance costs;

5. Lined with wear-resistant steel plate or ceramic;

6. Improve the throughput of the sieve machine and increase the capacity of powder production.

Working Principle

Working principle

  The material and primary air enter the air classifier from the top down, the direction of the air flow changes by 120°, and carries fine particles through the blade to discharge the air classifier, the coarse particles can not turn with the air flow due to their own gravity, then fall to the bottom of the air classifier, through the secondary air flow, discharged from the valve. The secondary air is fed from the lower part of the blade and passes through the falling particle layer. The particles close to the separation point are diverted by the secondary air flow into the vortex inside the heart-shaped chamber. The fine particles caught in the air classifier and other particles separated from the vortex are brought by the air flow into the dust collector for collection.

  The secondary air throttle valve can be manually adjusted to change the grading size of fine particles.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity (t/h) Air Volume (m³/h)
ARC12.5 25 15000
ARC17 35 17000
ARC22.5 45 20000
ARC27 54 24000
ARC30 61 27000
ARC36 75 32000


Typical Classifed Materials:
♦Alumina ♦Basalt ♦Calcium carbonate
♦Catalyst ♦Cement ♦Coal
♦Diatomaceous earth ♦Dicalcium phosphate ♦Fertilizer
♦Soda ash ♦Granite ♦Granular chemicals
♦Phosphate rock ♦Lime ♦Limestone
♦Potash ♦Metal powders ♦Zinc powder
♦Silica fumes ♦Plastic pellets ♦Salt


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