Vibrating Conveyor (Trough And Tubular Type)



The long-distance vibrating conveyor is suitable for conveying various powdery, granular, lump and mixtures with a temperature below 300℃. Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical, coal and other industries. For example, transportation of raw materials, intermediate semi-finished products and finished products in the cement industry; transportation of ore, concentrates and tailings in the mining industry. It is a kind of high temperature material vibration conveying equipment with strong universality and advanced structure.

    Vibrating conveyor is a new type of material conveying equipment. Its maximum conveying distance is about 9 meters. The structure can be made into open, closed, up-vibration, down-vibration and seat-type installation or short-distance hanging installation. It can be made into one-point feed and multi-point discharge, or multi-feed and one-point discharge.

    According to the conveying trough, the motor vibrating conveyor can be divided into two types: trough type and tubular type.

    The bottom of the trough can be changed to inclined type, and the trough can be covered. Discharge port can be straight, side-tilted or down-bend. A gate can be set at the discharge port. This conveyor can be made into a multi-layer conveyor or add a layer of screen. With frequency converter, it can realize speed regulation during operation.


This kind of conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low energy consumption, no dust spillage, small abrasion of the tank, low noise etc.

(1) Large conveying capacity, good heat insulation effect, no cooling device required, low power consumption.

(2) Start and stop quickly and run smoothly.

(3) Simple structure, easy debugging, few types of wearing parts, convenient maintenance; good vibration isolation performance and low noise.

(4) Easy installation, no need of special foundation and anchor bolts, easy to move position.

(5) It can be loaded and unloaded at multiple points, which is suitable for conveying cement clinker and slag bottom and top.

(6) It can be completely closed to eliminate dust pollution or open to transport.

(7) The conveying distance of a single machine can reach 20 meters, and the soft connection of multiple machines can be extended as needed.

Working Principle

The vibration conveyor uses vibrating motors as the high quality vibration source, so that the material is thrown forward and moved forward to achieve the purpose of conveying. The structure is divided into open and closed type; the conveying form can be trough conveyor or tubular conveyor, and the motors location can be installed up, down or side.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity (t/h) Conveying Distance (mm) Power (kw) Weight (kg)
AS30-250 30 2500 2*0.4 410
AS30-300 25 3000 2*0.4 490
AS50-350 50 3500 2*0.75 650
AS50-400 40 4000 2*0.75 740
AS50-450 30 4500 2*0.75 840
AS50-500 80 5000 2*1.5 1050
AS50-550 70 5500 2*1.5 1150
AS50-600 60 6000 2*1.5 1250
AS50-650 50 6500 2*1.5 1350
AS50-700 40 7000 2*1.5 1450
AS50-750 30 7500 2*1.5 1550
AS70-800 145 8000 2*2.2 2400
AS70-850 135 8500 2*2.2 2550
AS70-900 125 9000 2*2.2 2700
AS70-900 110 9500 2*2.2 2850
AS70-1000 100 10000 2*2.2 3000


The vibrating conveyor can be widely used in powder and granular materials transportation in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical, glass, electric power, machinery, food and other industries. The delivery volume and structure can also be designed according to user requirements.

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