AT-200 digit Electromagnetic Test Sieve Shaker


     AT-200 digit electromagnetic test sieve shaker is a simple, efficient and precise screening tool that can reproduce the analysis results well. It is the best equipment for laboratory particle size inspection and on-site screening.


1. Suitable for both dry screening and wet screening;

2. High efficiency screening in a short time;

3. High efficiency electromagnetic drive;

4. The 3D (three-dimensional) throwing motion mode ensures that the sample is evenly scattered on the entire screen surface;

5. No rotating parts, maintenance-free;

6. The height of the sieve tower can reach 450 mm;

7. Adjustable parameters (time, amplitude, screening interval);

8. The amplitude board shows the amplitude.

Working Principle

     Adopt electromagnetic driving power (patented technology). This driving power can produce a three-dimensional throwing motion effect, so that the screened sample not only vibrates vertically, but also flips and rolls, making the screened material can move uniformly throughout the screen surface. It can bring high load, quiet running process and high efficiency for your screening: produce higher separation precision in a short time, and achieve the best results that can be reproduced.

Technical Parameters

NO. Name Unit Parameter
1 Test Sieve Layers 1~8
2 Sieve Diameter mm Ø203  Ø200  Ø100  Ø75
3 Particle Size mm 0.020~25
4 Max. Load Kg 3
5 Amplitude mm 0~3
6 Vibration Frequency times/min 3000
7 Time min 0-99
8 Noise dB <65
9 Operating Mode Kind Continuous, intermittent (10s)
10 Power Supply V;Hz 220; 50
11 Power W 200
12 Weight Kg 30


    AT-200 digit electromagnetic test sieve shaker is widely used in scientific research and development, quality control and production monitoring of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products to separate, classify and determine particle size, and angular samples can also be sieved in a short time.


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