AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker


AT200tap is suitable for samples dry sieving. It is used for separation, classification, and particle size determination. 7 standard analytical sieves can be placed without fastening devices. The screening time can be displayed digitally. The circumferential speed and vertical tapping frequency are fixed and not adjustable, and are not affected by its load. The vertical slap motion mode can be selected or not as required. AT200tap is driven by a unidirectional AC motor.

     The safety protection switch and the anti-jamming device ensure the operation safety of AT200tap.

     It is recommended to be placed on a solid concrete operating platform.


1. Good reproducibility for screening results.

2. Horizontal circular motion is accompanied by vertical slap motion.

3. Simple and safe operation, no refueling, clean and convenient.

4. Powerful and maintenance-free.

5. Screening time digital display.

6. Optional sound-proof cabinet.

Working Principle

     The working parameters of AT200tap comply with the national standards. It combines horizontal circular motion and vertical slap motion to reproduce the motion mode of artificial screening. The screening instrument with this sieving movement principle is specified in many sample analysis standards. The movement mode of this sieving instrument ensures the accuracy and repeatability of the screening results.

Technical Parameters

NO. Name Unit Parameters
1 Test Sieve Layers 1~7
2 Sieve Diameter mm Ø203  Ø200
3 Particle Size mm 0.020~25
4 Max. Load Kg 3
5 Swing Frequency times/min GB: 290;  ISO: 280
6 Tapping Frequency times/min GB: 156;  ISO: 150
7 Tapping Height mm 38±6
8 Rotation Stroke mm GB: 25;  ISO: 28
9 Time min 1-99
10 Noise dB <82
11 Power Supply V;Hz 220; 50
12 Power W 180
13 Overall Dimensions mm H650*L700*W450
14 Weight Kg 68

Note: All technical data and dimensions of our products are subject to the actual product.


     It is suitable for general abrasive particle size composition inspection and superhard material production classification and particle size composition inspection, and also widely used in geology, metallurgy, powder, chemical industry, construction cement, medicine, national defense and other departments of scientific research and production laboratories, for screening and testing material.


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