Flip-flop Screen


The flip-flop screen, also knowns as flip-flow screen, changes the traditional rigid screen vibration throwing material and small amplitude jumping screening method, through the eccentric difference of 180° of the crankshaft, connecting rod and swing rod relative motion, drive the polyurethane elastic screen surface continuous expansion and contraction, produce a large acceleration (50G), so that the material collision separation, dividing, small particles and large particles, and impact the screen with a high difference. Effectively make the wet viscous material (easy to stick the screen mesh of multi-angular block material) loose, stratified and through the screen, solving the problems of blocking and low screening efficiency of sieve plate screening holes. It is the best solution to solve the problems of various water, powder, mud, small particle material in dry screening.


(1) With greater capacity and better screening efficiency, and the performance is at the most advanced level in China.

(2) The screen surface with greater acceleration improves the screening efficiency: the acceleration is greater than the bonding force to avoid material bonding, and the high acceleration (50G) makes the material to be screened completely loose and quickly separated, and there will be more fine particles through the screen.

(3) The deformable screen surface to prevent blocking mesh: especially under the high acceleration, the bouncing material flow is generated through the elastic sieve plate tension and relaxation to prevent particle adhesion. When the sieve plate is relaxed, the conical sieve becomes larger, effectively preventing particles close to the size of the sieve hole from blocking the sieve hole.

(4) Cone-shaped sieve holes to prevent blocking mesh: cone-shaped sieve holes to reduce the impact of blockage.

(5) Low frequency vibration can be superimposed to reduce the inclination angle of the screen machine.

(6) It can be completely sealed and effectively improves the working environment.

(7) Elastic sieve and sieve holes are not easy to block, no blockage, no bonding, and automatic cleaning of the screen plate.

(8) High amplitude jump, collision separation, impact through the screen, accelerate the loosening of the materials, and improve the screening efficiency.

(9) Long screen service life.

(10) The sieve can be made into a multi -layer screen surface.

Working Principle

The flip-flop screen, also knowns as flip-flow screen, adopting a unique dual vibration principle, that is, through resonance, a basic elliptical vibration drives one or more additional vibrations (floating screen frame), and the polyurethane screen surface continuously expands and contracts, resulting in a large acceleration (50G). It effectively makes the wet sticky material layer loose, layered and pass through the screen, and solves the problems of blockage of the sieve plate and low screening efficiency. Only one or two motors are required for the driving part. The screen can be made into a multi-layer screen. The overall weight of the screen machine is light, with low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation, extremely low failure rate, low daily maintenance, low operating noise and long service life.

Technical Parameters

Screen Width: 0.5m~3mm        Screen Length: 2m~10m       Separation Size: >3mm
Model Screen Area () Layers of Screen Angle (°) Particle Size (mm) Power (Kw) Ref. Capacity (t/h)
ACS1340 5.2 1~3 16~35 3~20 18.5/37 60
ACS1650 8 1~3 16~35 3~25 22/45 105
ACS2055 11 1~3 16~35 3~30 22/45 120
ACS2070 14 1~3 16~35 3~30 22/45 120
ACS2465 15.5 1~3 16~35 3~35 30/55 120
ACS2480 19 1~3 16~35 3~35 30/55 120
ACS2790 24 1~3 16~35 3~42 30/55 260
ACS3090 27 1~3 16~35 3~50 30/55 300


Applicable Materials:

Anthracite, ash, mature wood, recovered glass, basalt, crushed stone, mixed construction waste, aluminum-vanadium soil, pumice stone, biological waste, excavated earth, drilling mud, soil, silt, fine paper pulp, gypsum slurry, refuse fertilizer, magnesite, sea salt, slag, sintered coke, sintered ore, ooze (chalk mud, sewage mud, settling pond mud), crushed brick, brick powder, sugar etc.

Material Type Material Separation Size Humidity Capacity
Gasification and power generation coal Coal, brown coal 6~8 or 10mm 15~20% 100~600 t/h
Coke for sintering and steelmaking Coke 3~6mm 15~20% 30~150 t/h
Hard rock Calcite, dolomite, basalt, gabbro 9~10mm 2~15% 20~300 t/h
Coal Brown coal, hard coal 2~40mm 7~60% 20~1200 t/h
Mixed fertilizer Garbage compost, mature fertilizer 4~20mm 30~50% 5~30 t/h
Slag Blast furnace slag, iron slag, waste, incinerator furnace slag 2~20mm ~20%   20~300 t/h  
Coarse sand Gravel, crushed stone, fine sand, natural sand 2~15mm ~10% 20~300 t/h


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