Low Profile Vibrating Sifter


     Low profile vibrating sifter is also called low-profile flow-thru separator, inline vibrating screen, check screening machine, safety screener, control sieve, compact sieve etc. The inlet and outlet ports are designed in the same vertical direction, and the undersize finished product quickly passes through the screen, reducing the residence time of the material on the screen surface and greatly increasing the screening output.

     The flow-thru separator can be widely used in the sieving of flour in the production of instant noodles, the classification of particles in the production of washing powder, the grading of particles in the production of starch, and other industries which require large screening output.

     It has the characteristics of high screening accuracy, large output, good sealing, easy to combine with the production line, automatic materials and slag discharge, continuous production and so on.

     There are two power arrangement modes: single motor and double motors.


1. Compact structure, low occupancy height (can be as low as 340mm).

2. Material flow adopts direct-current design. The product is discharged directly from the bottom of the sieve machine, easy to connect with the production line.

3. It is used for the high production capacity of coarse screening, very suitable for the dry materials security screening with less large particles.

4. Small and light.

Working Principle

     The double-motor type low profile vibrating sifter is driven by two horizontal vibration motors, which produce three-dimensional vibration. It not only makes the material more evenly distributed, but also removes large particles, keeping the screen surface clean and smooth. And the screening effect is better.

     The single-motor type inline vibrating sifter adopts single horizontal vibration motor, simple and convenient.

Technical Parameters

Model AX-400 AX-600 AX-800 AX-1000 AX-1200 AX-1500
Power (Dual-Motor) 0.13kw*2 0.18kw*2 0.18kw*2 0.25kw*2 0.55kw*2 0.75kw*2
Screen Diameter 350mm 550mm 750mm 920mm 1120mm 1420mm
Standard Dimension

Mark Size Diameter   (mm) A B C D E F G H
400 420 260 60 110 150 150 300 365
600 450 270 80 120 200 200 380 465
800 450 270 80 130 200 200 550 565
1000 520 300 100 150 250 250 650 645
1200 600 370 110 180 250 250 710 685
1300 800 570 110 180 250 250 760 745
1500 1100 840 120 200 250 250 950 895
  • Single-Motor Type

  • Single-Motor Type

  • Single-Motor Type

  • Dual-Motor Type

  • Dual-Motor Type

  • Low Profile Dual-Motor Type

  • Super Low Type

  • Straight Jump Type

  • 2 Layers Type

  • Large Model

  • Rectangular Shape

  • Low Profile Rectangular Shape


     Flow-thru separator is often used in flour, starch, washing powder, metal powder, additives, chemical industry, non-mining and other industries for particle and powder’s coarse screening and fine screening.

     It can be used in the feeding system of instant noodles, dried noodles, small food, solid drink and so on, to separate the foreign objects in the raw materials, such as flour, starch, milk powder, additives etc.


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