Pneumatic Conveying Screener


Pneumatic conveying screener is also called pneumatic inline sifter, vacuum conveying sieve, vacuum vibro sieve etc. It can be used for inline pneumatic conveying to guarantee a high-quality final product. The inline pneumatic screening equipment can be used with flexible and ergonomic feeding devices.


1. Improve product quality: product quality is improved while sieving in closed environment.

2. High production throughput.

3. Dust free operation: the tightly closed system of pneumatic conveying screener keeps the surrounding clean and dust free.

4. Easy installation: the design of our pneumatic conveying screener is flexible and can be proficiently installed in your current pneumatic conveying lines.

Working Principle

The upper and lower frames are connected by a by-pass tube, which is used to balance the upper and lower pressure of the screen so as to avoid too short screen life.

Technical Parameters

Diameter: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm


     The pneumatic inline sifter is used for screening dry materials transported by airflow. And it can also be used to separate smaller particles from larger particles, and to remove foreign matter. This sifter screens dry material only while being pneumatically conveyed.

     It is mainly used in flour, starch, salt, sugar, plastics etc.


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