Ultrasonic Screening System


Ultrasonic screening system is effective to prevent screen clogging, solving the screening problem of materials with strong adsorption, easy to agglomerate, static electricity and light specific gravity. The particle size grading for dry powder can reach 20μm.

     This system can be installed in various kinds of screening machines such as round separator, tumbler screen, linear vibrating screen, centrifugal sifter, vortex screen, test sieve shaker, rectangular gyratory sifter etc.


1. High precision screening. The screening accuracy can be improved by 1~70%, and the output can be increased by 0.5~10 times.

2. Effectively prevent screen clogging. The service life of the screen is long.

3. Continuous operation and high energy conversion efficiency (meet the international standards for similar products).

4. It can screen particles over 20μm.

Working Principle

     The ultrasonic screening system consists of ultrasonic control power supply, ultrasonic transducer and screen frame with energy conduction ring and connecting rod.

     The ultrasonic screening system uses high frequency electronic frequency to convert into mechanical kinetic energy through the transducer, which makes the screen produce vibration of high frequency and low amplitude, and the vibration is transmitted through the energy conduction ring rapidly to the screen. This ultrasonic vibration can be conducted by the wire mesh of the screen, in this way, each wire mesh is in the high-frequency vibration, so it can prevent the blockage of small mesh, ensure that the screen always keep the maximum aperture ratio in the screening process. And it can also improve the liquidity of the material and make it smoothly go through the mesh screen, exactly solving the screening problems of strong adsorption, easy reunite, high electrostatic, high fine, high density and light specific gravity. Dry powder particle size can be classified to 25μm (600 mesh).

Technical Parameters

(1) Ultrasonic Control Power Supply:

Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz

Operating Frequency: 36KHz

Operating Mode: continuous, pulse

Environment Temperature: 0~45 ℃

Overall Dimensions: 300*390*200mm

Intensity Adjustment: 50~100%

  • Front View

  • Bottom View

(2) Ultrasonic Transducer:

There are two kinds of installation form of ultrasonic transducer: built-in transducer design, and external transducer design.

  • Ultrasonic External Transducer

  • Ultrasonic Built-in Transducer

Item Compared External Transducer Built-in Transducer
Installing Form The external transducer is mounted outside the screen frame and  the extending part is at the edge of the grid The built-in transducer is fixed directly in the middle of the grid
Cleaning Method Disassembly and cleaning are relatively convenient When cleaning, people need to remove the screen frame, and then lift the grid to clean up
Applicable Materials The external transducer does not have direct contact with the material, so it can protect the transducer effectively, improving the service life, screening accuracy and output The built-in transducer will contact the material during use. For some conductive and corrosive materials, contact with the transducer will reduce the service life, and also affect the output frequency, thereby reduce the precision and output.
Cost The market price is about double the price of a built-in transducer
Maintenance The external installation of the transducer greatly reduces the maintenance difficulty. The built-in installation of the transducer will make maintenance more difficult
Service Life For the installation of external support device and quick clamping device, it can ensure the stability of the transducer external interface effectively, and make sure the friction between the transducer cable and the screen frame is reduced to the minimum in the operation of the screen, so as to prolong the service life of the transducer Because of the long time contact with the material and vibration with the vibrating screen, thereby reducing the service life of the transducer
Effect The external transducer does not have any effect on special materials because it avoids the direct contact with materials

(3) Ultrasonic Screen Frame:

  • External Transducer Ultrasonic Screen Frame

  • Built-in Transducer Ultrasonic Screen Frame

  • Rectangular Ultrasonic Screen Frame


     It can be widely used in abrasives, pharmaceuticals, powder metallurgy, battery materials, chemicals, non-mining, food and other industries that require fine screening.


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