Vibrating Spiral Elevator


     Vibrating spiral elevator adopts vibration motor as the vibration source. And it uses the synthetic amplitude of the two vibration motors to transport materials upward along the spiral conveying groove. This machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, quantitative feeding of materials and continuously adjustable conveying capacity, which can be used for vertical conveying of small and medium particles in various industries. In addition to lifting materials from the bottom up, it can also complete drying and cooling of materials.

     It has slot open type and closed type, cross shaft type and parallel shaft type, seat type and suspension type, air cooled and water cooled etc.


1. Cover a small area, simple and reasonable structure.

2. Stable operation, low noise, and continuous operation almost no maintenance.

3. Closed elevator effectively prevents the dust and harmful gas pollution to the working environment.

4. Large transport capacity (0~5 t/h), and big transport height (effective transport height can reach more than 8 meters).

5. High transport cleanliness. It can be made of stainless steel or specified alloy steel, especially for fine chemicals, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

6. The material is cooled during the process of lifting.

Working Principle

     Vibrating spiral elevator is made up of lifting slot, vibration motor, vibration-damping system and base. This series of elevator adopt vibration motor as the vibration source. Two sets of vibration motors with the same model, which are fixed on the lifting slot, are installed by crossing a certain angle of their center lines, and do self-synchronous rotation in the opposite direction.

     When eccentric block that is carried by the vibration motor rotates, the centrifugal force components generated by the instantaneous position do the reciprocating motion along the throwing direction, making the whole body supported on shock absorber vibrate constantly. Material in the lifting slot is thrown up and do the upward movement at the same time. After falling into the trough, the material start to be thrown up, which makes the material and the air contact fully, and also play a role of cooling.


 Vibration motors can be installed at the top or bottom according to site layout requirements.

  • Vibrating Motors On the Top

  • Vibrating Motors At the Bottom

Technical Parameters

Model Diameter (mm) Conveying Height (m) Frequency (r/min) Power (Kw)
AHS300 300 ≤4 960 0.4*2
AHS500 500 ≤6 0.75*2
AHS600 600 ≤8 1.5*2
AHS800 800 ≤8 2.2*2
AHS900 900 ≤8 3*2
AHS1200 1200 ≤8 4*2
AHS1500 1500 ≤8 5.5*2
AHS1800 1800 ≤8 7.5*2


     The vibrating spiral elevator is mainly used for lifting granular, powdery, block and short fibrous solid materials (except for sticky and easy caking materials). It is widely used in chemical, rubber, plastic, medicine, light industry, food, metallurgy, building materials, mines, food and other industries.


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