AAREAL AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker with Noise Enclosure


AAREAL made 20+ units of AT200tap Test Sieve Shakers with Noise Enclosure recently for one of our clients.

AT200tap test sieve shaker01 AT200tap test sieve shaker01 AT200tap test sieve shaker01

The Noise Enclosure is also made by us. We use thicker steel plates to make. It is lined with a layer of sound insulation felt and a layer of sound-absorbing cotton, which can greatly reduce the noise. The beating of the machines inside is barely audible from the outside.

AT200tap sieve shaker is suitable for general abrasive particle size composition inspection and superhard material production classification and particle size composition inspection, and also widely used in geology, metallurgy, powder, chemical industry, construction cement, medicine, national defense and other departments of scientific research and production laboratories, for screening and testing material.

AAREAL can produce and provide various kinds of sieve shakers for laboratory purpose, such as rotap type, electromagnetic sieve shaker, magnetic suspension type, motor vibration type etc. Welcome to visit our website www.aarealmachine.com and send RFQs.

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