Eccentric Connecting Rod Long Distance Vibrating Conveyor Screen for Conveying Sugar and Salt


AAREAL company specializes in producing eccentric connecting rod long distance vibration conveyor screen for conveying sugar and salt. This kind of conveying equipment is suitable for electric power, coal, metallurgy, building materials, food and other industries to complete the transportation of powder and granular materials, especially for materials that are not suitable for conveying by belt or screw conveyors, transported uniformly, continuously or quantitatively from the storage bin to the receiving device, such as wet sugar, potato chips, biscuits and other fragile items, fly ash, cement, charcoal powder, coal powder, emery materials that are prone to dust or high abrasiveness.


The Max. trough width we can make until now is 1800mm.

Model Trough Width (mm) Power (KW)
ABM450 450 1.5×1
ABM600 600 2.2×1
ABM750 750 2.2×1
ABM900 900 3.7×1
ABM1200 1200 2.2×2
ABM1500 1500 3.7×2
ABM1800 1800 7.5×2


1. Simple and compact structure, small maintenance workload.

2. It can realize closed conveying, no pollution to the environment, realizing multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging.

3. Resonance principle. The installation foundation is used as the mass point, low power consumption, and the power consumption is 50% less than the screw conveyor of the same capacity.

4. The material jumps forward in the trough. The trough is slightly worn, and the service life is three times longer than that of the screw conveyor.

5. Running noise is not more than 75dB.

6. It can be started frequently or run continuously for a long time under rated amplitude conditions.

AAREAL eccentric connecting rod long distance vibration conveyor screen can be widely used for screening sugar, salt, chemical fertilizer, activated carbon, resin particles, polyethylene particles, HDPE powder, LDPE powder, condiments etc.

Take our ABM1800-11 for an example. The trough width is 1800mm, and trough length is 11.5 meters. Conveying and screening sugar, the capacity is about 30~50 tons/hour.

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