1200*3000mm Single Deck Mogensen Probability Vibrating Screen for Fluorite

One of our client require a 1200*3000mm Single Deck Mogensen Probability Vibrating Screen for Fluorite, mesh size 2mm, and the screen adopts perforated sieve plate. Considering the possibility of blocking the screen mesh in the future, we add the rubber ball mesh cleaning device.

mogensen probability vibrating screen

Mogensen Vibrating Screen

AAREAL Mogensen probability vibrating screen is obviously different from the ordinary vibrating screen. The probability screen actively uses the probability principle to complete the entire screening process at a very fast speed, so that the time required for material screening is only 1/3 to 1/20 of the ordinary vibrating screen, and its unit screen area is 1/3~1/20. The processing capacity is 5 to 10 times larger than that of ordinary vibrating screens. Therefore, it can be considered that the sieving performed in the probability sieve belongs to “quick sieving”.


In addition, the vibrating probability sieve is small in size, light in weight, and the sieve holes are not easily blocked. One sieving machine can obtain several grades of products at the same time, and the sieving particle size range is wide. However, due to the limitation of the structural characteristics of the probability sieve, for example, when one device produces a variety of products, its configuration is more complicated. The main weakness is that the screening accuracy is low, and materials of different particle sizes are mixed with each other to a certain extent. Based on this, the sieving process performed on the probability sieve is called approximate sieving.


AAREAL specialize in the production of Mogensen probability vibrating screen. This kind of sieve machine can make the material with small particle size get more sieving, while the material with large particle size can be sieved less, thus greatly improving the sieving rate and prolonging the cleaning cycle by about one time.

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