How to replace the screen of Gyratory Screen or Gyratory Sifter?


How to replace the screen of Gyratory Screen or Gyratory Sifter? This video may give you some useful support.  


  AAREAL company specialized in the production of Gyratory Screen or Gyratory Sifter. This kind of screening equipment can be used for sieving calcium carbonate, petroleum coke, activated carbon, graphite, silica sand, frac sand, silicon metal powder, ceramic proppant, fertilizer, urea, plastics, soybeans, sugar, salt etc.

  The design of this screen machine is mainly to solve the problem of large-capacity screening of fine materials. This rectangular separator can be made 1~5 layers or screen decks. In order to improve the processing capacity of a single device, we can also make the upper and lower channels, that is, the composite structure.

  This sifter is easy to replace the screens compared to other kinds of screening equipments. It adopts hook screens.

  This screen structure is a kind of side-tension type tensioning method, which is easy to pull and push.

  The core part of the screen machine is the shaker or exciter. The exciter is located in the center of the machine, which determines the reciprocating trajectory of the screener. What’s important is that we have made a special design for the exciter to facilitate the removal of the entire exciter directly when it needs to be repaired.

  We also designed a special distributor for the feed inlet, which helps the material to be evenly distributed on the entire screen surface and effectively utilizes the entire screen surface.

  AAREAL is the professional manufacturer of all kinds of Screening and Separating Equipments. Welcome to visit our website to learn more about our products

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