Founded in the year 2008, AAREAL company specialize in manufacturing all kinds of screening equipment. We focus on Large Capacity and High Accuracy of Fine Materials Screening. Our main products are Gyratory Screen, Tumbler Screen, High Frequency Fine Screen, Probability Screen, Vortex Screen, Centrifugal Sifter, Low-profile Vibrating Screen, Rotary Vibrating Screen, Linear Vibrating Screen, Tap Test Sieve Shaker etc.

Our founder and general manager Mr. Bai Xueting is also an engineer. Mr. Bai has more than 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of vibrating screens. And he has a high prestige in the vibrating screen equipment industry. We focus more on technology, quality, details and user experience than any other vibrating sieve manufacturers. We are one of the leader of China Fine Screening technology.

It is often said that do business with honest people and you won’t be deceived.

Mr. Bai is a very serious and honest man. There were many customers visiting us before. After seeing Mr. Bai, they are very relieved to hand over the screening machine order to us. Making a vibrating separator has a lot to do with the quality of a human being. First character, then the goods.

Our opponent is the times! AAREAL always follows the pace of the times, constantly introducing advanced technologies from Japan, the United States, Germany and so on, in order to better serve our customers and solve the screening problems for them.

 We welcome clients from all over the world to visit our factory.

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