How to adjust the excitation force and eccentric block angle of vertical vibration motor?


1. Adjustment of Exciting Force

One side of the upper and lower eccentricity block of the vibrating motor is installed with the accessory heavy block, which mainly increases the exciting force of the equipment. Users can increase or decrease the excitation force according to the layers of vibrating screen equipment and the proportion of the material sieved. Appropriate exciting force can effectively improve the screening effect of the rotary vibrating screen equipment. The adjustment of exciting force is very simple. First, we need to unload the additional block compression bolt, and then to adjust the exciting force by increasing or decreasing the number of additional blocks.

2.Adjustment of Eccentric Block Angle

The specific gravity of the material and the size of the mesh are different, and the motor angle needs to be changed. Changing he angle of the eccentricity block of the motor to adjust the stay time and the trajectory of the material on the screen surface so as to achieve better screening effect. Then how to adjust the angle of the vibrating motor?

(i)For materials with larger mesh holes, the angle usually ranges from 5 degrees to 15 degrees, allowing the material to move quickly towards the edge, thereby increasing production. Such as beef granules, corn kernels and other materials.

(ii)Some material mesh holes are relatively small, for example, in the case of 40 mesh to 80 mesh, we should appropriately extend the running trajectory on the screen surface of the material , to achieve better screening effect. Such as wheat, sesame and so on.

(iii)If the mesh of the material is more than 80 mesh, then we need to extend the running track of the material on the screen, usually at an angle of 65 to 85 degrees. Such as cellulose, modified starch and other materials.

(iv)Motor Angle: when we face a vertical vibrating motor, the upper weight is in your left hand, the lower in your right hand, and the angle between the two hammers facing your body is what we call angles.

(v)The upper eccentricity block of the motor is a fixed block (which is not adjustable), the lower eccentricity block is adjustable, both of which are pressed on the motor shaft by fastening bolt. When adjusting the angle, loosen the fixed bolt of the lower eccentricity block, then adjust the phase angle of the upper and lower weight hammer in the opposite direction to the outlet according to the track of the material sieved, and after a slight adjustment, put a small amount of material into the screen to do a test run. Check the moving track of the material on the screen surface. If the processing parameters reach the best effect, stop and fasten the bolt of the lower block.

(vi)Affected by different material humidity, specific gravity, tilt angle and other parameters, phase angle adjustment usually can not be successful at one time. Users should be patient to adjust, so that the rotary vibratory screen play the greatest role.

(vii)After each adjustment, be sure to tighten the fastening bolt of the lower weight block and then start the commissioning. If the bolt is not tight, debugging will lead to serious equipment failure.

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